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Appreciation Luncheon

On November 6th, we are honored to host an appreciation luncheon, at the Evanston Ecology Center, for First Responders & Front Line Workers. We will be serving firefighters, police officers, nurses and other medical staff. Many of these people, we have come to know very well over the years, others we will be meeting for the first time. But we want to express to ALL our gratitude and appreciation for your selfless service to those around you.


Summer Snacks

The past few months have had a few twists & turns, so we didn’t do any full-fledged service projects during these past three months. HOWEVER, we continued to provide “Snack Packs” to the homeless individuals we encounter during every trip to & from Rush Hospital. We always try to include some fruit, imagining that accessing fresh produce when you are homeless is probably difficult. Additionally, we include granola bars, chips, cookies, water, etc. Just something to take the edge off for people who spend long hours in the sun. We will continue to provide snack packs to the homeless even as we get back to our monthly service projects. As always, to those of you who support Dayenu Ministries financially, we thank you as it enables us to serve and reach more people every month!

MAY 2021
Community Garden for Shelter

A Safe Place is a shelter for domestically abused women & children. This organization holds a special place in our hearts as Darryl Cheeks previously served as the Chairman of their Board of Directors. We have also volunteered with them before and are excited about this new project. On Saturday, May 29, we will be working with A Safe Place to build & plant a community garden. The residents of the shelter look forward to the experience and benefits of being able to grow some of their own fruits, vegetables & flowers. We will also be writing cards of encouragement which will be included in the Welcome Kits given when the women & children first arrive at the shelter. Additionally, we will be donating a new X-Box & games for the children to use during their stay.


APRIL 2021

Honoring Our Veterans

We have found our momentum after having successfully now served sick children at Rush Hospital, and most recently, providing "Survival Kits" to the homeless in Waukegan IL, Lower Wacker Drive & the West Side of Chicago.  On April 24, we were delighted to prepare & provide a meal to 100 veterans in Evanston & Chicago. We served BBQ sandwiches, Junkyard Dawgs, Mac-n-Cheese, Coleslaw, Chips & Cookies. We enjoyed time spent getting to know those in attendance. They sure seemed to enjoy the meal! And more importantly, they appreciated the recognition of their service. We want to give a big thanks to Mr. James Harkins, Dr. John Ross (Evanston VA) and Mr. Carlton Evans (Volunteers of America). We look forward to continuing to build our relationships with you. And a special shout out to Lola Sheltons whose delicious mac & cheese, good cheer & spirit of service really made the day!

MARCH 2021

Survival Kits for the homeless

Whatever the reason that a person may become or remain homeless, they experience a daily uncertainty of how their basic needs will be met. We are not equipped to address or solve every issue. But we are committed to doing what we can. This month we will be distributing "Survival Kits" containing toiletries, snacks, face masks, socks and a resource guide. We hope that these kits will meet a few needs and brighten their day.



Care Packages for Children's Hospital

We feel so blessed & happy for Dayenu Ministry's FIRST service project to be providing care packages for patients of Rush Children's Hospital. We dropped off get well cards, coloring books, colored pencils & little stuffed animals for about 40 patients. Many thanks to Shira & the rest of the staff for being so welcoming to us!


Congratulations, it's a MINISTRY!

After much prayer and planning, Dayenu Ministries was born! With a desire to serve and a willingness to work, Darryl & Rebecca Cheeks founded Dayenu Ministries. With the support of a dedicated team of volunteers, we hit the ground running. Feeling blessed for what has already been put in place, we are excited to watch Dayenu Ministries grow and hope you will join us!

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