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Cards & Care

We know what it is like to spend time in the hospital. Darryl Cheeks, founder of Dayenu Ministries, has spent a lot of time hospitalized and under the ongoing care of doctors and medical treatments. We know how that affects our whole family. We can only imagine how much harder it must be when the patient is a child. In an effort to brighten the day of hospitalized children, Dayenu Ministries provides cards of encouragement as well as small gifts such as stuffed animals and coloring books.



Helping the Community

There are many reasons a person may become or remain homeless, but a common experience is the constant uncertainty of how their needs will be met. Many homeless people also describe feelings of isolation and of seeming invisible to others. At Dayenu Ministries, we seek to provide some token necessities & to share a few words of encouragement. Our Survival Kits contain socks, masks, snacks, toiletries, a resource guide and a Bible for those who would like one.



Honoring Their Service

We owe a debt of gratitude to veterans who have made serving our country a priority so that we may enjoy the freedoms we sometimes take for granted. Dayenu Ministries seeks ways to thank and honor our veterans. While the pandemic currently limits our ability to visit and spend time, we will still find ways to show our appreciation through thank you cards, care packages and providing meals at VA centers.



Taking Time To Listen

The elderly have so much wisdom and a lifetime of experiences to share with us if we will take the time to listen. Sadly, many elderly do not have family members who are able to visit often. Dayenu Ministries seeks ways encourage and appreciate the elderly. While the pandemic currently limits our ability to visit and spend time, we will still find ways to show our appreciation through thank you cards and care packages.



Instilling Hope

Put in a position of vulnerability and weakness, they struggle to exist emotionally and physically.  A cycle of abuse exists where those effected are shut off from families, friends, and resources. They are made to think that the absence of their abuser leaves them vulnerable and ironically that their presence (the abuser) sustains them.  We are here to support & tell the victimized...there is another way!



Knowing Someone Cares

Sometimes one mistake changes the entire course of one’s life. While a price needs to be paid, a life does not need to be forgotten and sacrificed. There is always hope in God. There is always the opportunity to reconstruct a positive pathway given the desire and right resources. While often thought of as the ills of our society, they too mourn, feel abandonment, and experience fear. Dayenu Ministries is not here to politic but to provide a light.



Serving Those Who Serve Us

Fulfilling the nature of Christ daily as they give of themselves for the goodwill and benefit of others.  It took 9/11 and a pandemic to bring these heroes into focus.  Often not considered or recognized until needed, these selfless individuals need our response.  A response to the risk they take, a response to their sacrifices and a response to their leadership.  We want to give a response of thanks and recognition.



Providing a Path

At Dayenu Ministries, we view ourselves and our very own volunteers as a "Service Group." So many wish to give and to serve others. But they don't know where to start, they don't have a vehicle with which to fulfill their good intentions. We consider it an important part of our ministry to provide opportunities for volunteerism, charity, and benevolence. As we have known for many years, and even our newest volunteers experience quickly, helping others almost always results in personal growth for the helper.

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