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John Thomas

Outreach & Board of Directors

As a young man, John was born into a Christian family that was very serious about their faith. He attended Second Baptist Church as a young man. He lived with his mother, very near the church building.  His mother was a very good cook and loved the Lord. He
would watch his mom cook and make pies and cakes during the holidays for others, not really knowing that would become his own passion he moved forward with his life. He went to
King Lab middle school, where he met and grew up with Mr. Cheeks. They then
moved on to high school together. He took an interest in cooking. He started working for Hecky’s BBQ. He took his skills to many other restaurants over the years. He also worked for Mr. Cheeks at Blues Barbecue. Eventually, he cooked his way into finding the Lord. Before that, he truly was headed down the wrong path. He thought he was in control of his life, doing a host of bad things. He then woke up open
my ears, close my mouth and truly found the Lord. He took life seriously and got baptized and studied the Bible. He felt led to pack my things and move to Atlanta, Georgia. All he had was $57. He moved and within a year, he became a deacon. John helped around the church and stayed obedient, as best as he could. He was hungry for the Word of the Lord and it felt like others were holding him back. So, at that point, God put a wife in his life, which helped ground him a little better. They then moved to Florida for two years. He did some work on his own, and with the help of the Lord, he went out and would feed and help the homeless. God then brought him back to Chicago to continue working here. John presents himself, right now, as a humble servant of the Lord.

John Thomas: Meet the Team
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