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Appreciation Luncheon

On November 6, 2021, Dayenu Ministries hosted an Appreciation Luncheon for First Responders and Frontline Workers at the Evanston Ecology Center. We were so honored to have in attendance, Evanston Firefighters and Police Officers, as well as many nurses and staff from Rush Hospital. Also present were several individuals who are very special to us and are great supporters of Dayenu Ministries. We served pulled pork, honey baked chicken, mac & cheese, salad, cookies & brownies.

Darryl Cheeks served as our keynote speaker and had an opportunity to praise and thank the team from Rush for their amazing care over the years. And also to express gratitude and appreciation for the often under-recognized work of the firefighters and police officers to protect and serve our community.

Good food, good fellowship, and lots of gratitude all around!

Appreciation Luncheon: Welcome
Appreciation Luncheon: Gallery
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