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Community Garden for Shelter

In May, Dayenu Ministries did a Service Project with A Safe Place, a shelter for domestically abused women and children in Illinois.

A Safe Place is close to our hearts, as Darryl served as a board member for about 13 years, including three years as Chairman of the Board.

We had a most wonderful time helping them construct a community garden for the shelter residents to grow some of their own vegetables. The weather was perfect. The baby tomatoes, peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, and lettuce are all tucked into their new beds and ready for a robust summer of fresh vegetables! 

We left many cards of encouragement to be included in the welcome bags given to arriving families. Many thanks to Deborah for collecting and donating clothes and toiletries to the shelter. Dayenu Ministries will also be gifting a new X-Box and some X-Box games for the children staying at the shelter & in the transitional housing.

It was a special day and we look forward to working with A Safe Place again!

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Community Garden for Shelter: Welcome
Community Garden for Shelter: Gallery
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