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Gabriel Cheeks

Media & Board of Directors

Gabriel Cheeks is the son of Darryl and Rebecca Cheeks.  Everyone should have known he would be a go getter, as when he was born, his hands were folded in a prayer position.  This blessed young man made the decision to give his life to God at the age of 13 years old.

In his formative years, Gabe learned about our Lord and Savior in Bible classes and worship services at the Waukegan church of Christ, where his father served as the ministering evangelist of the congregation.  Gabe showed a great deal of enthusiasm for the Christian work life and participated in all aspects of the youth group events that the church undertook.  This included working with organizations like “Feed My Starving Children,” Bernie’s Book Bank,” and “A Safe Place” (Shelter and transitional living for domestically abused women and children).  

As Gabe grew older, he began to work in the worship services of our Lord.  Gabe gave prayer, oversaw the communion and giving aspects of the worship, led songs and eventually began preaching the Word of God.  As his father began to recognize both his talent and zeal for the Father, he began to take Gabe more into his consult and train him in other aspects of ministry.

Presently, Gabe serves on the Board of Directors of Dayenu Ministries and critically fills a role within marketing where he helps guide in the areas of content & graphic design, social media, and growth initiatives.  Equally important, Gabe is a part of our service team group, working in the trenches to improve and encourage underserved communities.

Gabriel Cheeks: Meet the Team
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